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    How to Create a Luxury Kitchen?


    Creating a luxury kitchen can be surprisingly hard to achieve because there are many different ways people define luxury kitchens. As a result, anyone who sees your kitchen should immediately say, “Wow, what a beautiful luxury kitchen!” It is important to remember that, DO NOT choose your favorite color when designing your luxury kitchen. We do not recommend painting your kitchen cabinets to be purple. In order to have a luxury kitchen, choosing neutral colors are the best option.


    Neutral Colors Give Flexibility

    Neutral colors such as white and gray allow you to change the accent colors of your decorations easily. Just think of when you are buying clothes, white and gray basically go with everything, and it is the same with creating a luxury kitchen. It is even better for kitchen cabinets because you can even combine neutral colors to make a base that goes with a lot of different colors. With that base, you are able to make changes to the kitchen with a vase of in-season flowers or a shiny dinnerware set.

    Luxury Kitchens are Big Rooms

    Luxury kitchens are large spaces within your home. Neutral colors are the perfect colors for a large room. However, many people are bored with just one color in the kitchen, especially in a¬†large kitchen. That’s why we would often suggest to our customers to have two-tone cabinets to add variety. By painting the bottom half of your cabinets a darker color while painting the top a light white, your cabinets immediately draws the focus of people when they step into your kitchen. In addition to that, painting the cabinets on the island a different color is also very effective.

    Not Just Gray and White

    Although white and gray are the most popular neutral colors, yet there are many other color options available. Green and blue can look great for your luxury kitchen. They look amazing when they are used as an accent color for your kitchen island or painted on as the bottom half of your cabinets.

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