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    How to Choose Your New Kitchen Cabinets

    If your kitchen is in need of an update, refreshing your paint & cabinetry style can be a quick and simple way to give the room a facelift. The options for cabinetry are limitless, and if you opt for the quicker process of professional painting or refinishing instead of full replacement, the project can be done in a matter of days. If you’re not sure what look you want to transform your kitchen cabinetry to, here’s what you should consider.

    What Do You Dislike About  Your Cabinetry?

    Replacement is not the only option for a cabinetry refresh, even if you absolutely hate your kitchen’s current look. No matter how old and ugly your cabinets are, and even if they are made from a low-end material, the right professional can restain or paint them to look like brand new, high-end cabinets. Frankenstein Refinishing also offers new & professionally painted or stained cabinet doors that have more coats & a stronger seal than most store-bought pieces. If you dislike more structural aspects of your cabinets or would like to add more, this is when you might consider replacement as your best option. A replacement is also necessary when you need to eliminate warped sections or water damaged cabinets.

    Consider the Overall Aesthetic

    What color is the floor of your kitchen? Is there a backsplash to consider? What about the lighting? Think about each aspect you should be looking to match up your cabinetry with to create a look that flows. If your kitchen needs to be brightened up, white paint is popular and never goes out of style. If you would rather a dark look, you could choose a darker paint or a darker wood finish.

    Consider the Hardware

    If you think your kitchen cabinets are just too outdated to be salvageable, don’t go for the replacements just yet. Is the current hardware of your cabinets having a heavy influence on this thought? Envision your same cabinet shape, but with a totally refreshed color and sleek new hardware on each cabinet and drawer. If the style is the main thing you want to change, professional paint or refinishing is an option you should consider.

    Consider Time & Money

    Keep in mind when choosing your next steps with cabinetry the differences in cost & time between repainting and refinishing vs. replacing the cabinets altogether. Brand new cabinets are one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen renovation and the timeframe between placing the order and finished installation can take weeks, if not months! Painting & refinishing professionals such as Frankenstein’s Refinishing can complete your cabinet project in as little as 2-4 days and will cost thousands less.

    For a wood finishing professional with decades of experience in luxury & everyday homes, contact Frankenstein’s Refinishing at (508) 544-9800 or by filling out our contact form.

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