Cabinet Refinishing Work in Newton

Frankenstein Refinishing is happy to provide the residents in Newton MA with their cabinet refinishing & cabinet resurfacing services. Newton is a beautiful town outside of Boston with a population of around 85,000 residents. Many of the residents and homes within the town have great interiors and kitchens.

Two problems we do see is that some kitchens are either out of date or that kitchen cabinets have begun to peel and fall apart. Jim Martin, and the Frankenstein Refinishing team has been working throughout many of the nicest homes in the state. We want to give you the kitchen of our dreams.

Our process of refinishing your cabinets in Newton is unlike what many other contractors do. Instead of working in your home for an extended period of time, image having your dream kitchen within a weeks time. And instead of just working in your home for a week, we remove the cabinets and bring them to our warehouse. Once there, we put the cabinets through a high-quality spray booth. We are able to obtain a¬†fresh/brand new paint layer that can’t be matched manually. We will then return the cabinets and replace them.

For more information on how Frankenstein Refinishing can help you, please feel free to give us a call at 508-544-9800 or fill out our online contact form.