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    Cabinet Refinishing in Medfield, MA

    chipped paint - smaller

    Before Our Work

    This kitchen in Medfield, MA was a typical example of a kitchen painted by one of the many “cabinet expert”s online. The “expert” had pictures of past jobs, had a list of references and was also a very likable guy. Seems like everything would come out just the way the customer wanted it to.

    Well, at the time it was finished, it looked and felt like it was. Happiness abound, followed by a check. But something started to go wrong only 6 months later. Small chips everywhere started to appear out of nowhere. After trying to clean some greasy doors she noticed the sheen was partially gone and the dirt and oils were penetrating the paint. Calls were not being returned by the “expert” who got paid. Before long, around the knobs looked just like the picture below. It is very disheartening. Only takes about a year or two for painters pretending to be cabinet professionals, and the paints they use to look like the one in the picture. The worst part about it is you cannot escape it. Everyday is a reminder that you got burnt, and you have no recourse  but to pay again, and have it done right. There is a growing number of these experts on the web I’ve noticed. We know what that means- tissue sales will be up shortly. It’s not the first, second, or tenth kitchen I’ve had to do over. I say it over and over on my site people, buyer beware!!

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