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    Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Refacing in Weston, MA

    Frankenstein Refinishing was in Weston, MA recently finishing up a cabinet refinishing & cabinet refacing job. This looks like a presidential kitchen, no? Unfortunately for the home owners it didn’t look very good when we first showed up. The cabinets were stained wood on a wood floor. Even though it was sprawling  and spread out, it still looked like the inside of a barn.  In the grand scheme of things, it was  a smaller money and time investment to turn it into what it has become. It was all refinished in a week and as promised, to the highest quality finish available, including that of any cabinet shop. The money is a fraction of tearing it out and starting over. Turns out to be the smart investment. The customer feels like a genius . Everyone is happy!

    For more information about our refinishing process, please feel free to reach out and contact Frankenstein Refinishing by phone at 508-544-9800 or by our online contact form.

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